Moving Life!!

Free falling in bed was my style and enjoying the day was my passion!!  Defeat comes to a person at a minute of distraction!! That happened , which sweeped away me into a ditch of silent!! I haven't become a corpse but I have started to behave like a corpse. Being fed up and moving … Continue reading Moving Life!!


Who Rules ??? 

When I see a beggar in the road , I want my whole wallet to be with him but I something commands me not to do so! When I see a drunken fellow , I want him to be spend time happily with him but something commands me not to do so! When I see … Continue reading Who Rules ??? 


It became like a we weren't made for each-other, Our ego's started growing day by day for silly reasons  I can't find the love in her eyes and in her behaviour , I pleaded her what was happening between us. As another track in the junction of train's came my badminton club match , Me … Continue reading Reaped!! 

Her hands!!

I use to travel in sub-urban metro that was where I felt the real love between us.She use to accompany me on Friday and Saturday every week.Eating her 20 Bucks “Lays” packet even without sharing to anyone till the home station & rubbing her mouth in my shirt was her routine work.Taking her moped and … Continue reading Her hands!!