Sign Language!!!

Why do you wanna live ?? —-> A simple question but the answer for this would be different from persons of different stages.

For a Child –  The life is for eating chockies & Playing with friends.

For a Developed one – The life is to enjoy each and every second of life.

For a middle-aged one  – The life is for Settling as soon as possible.

For a aged-one – The life is for recalling their memories and to wait for his/her own death bed.

when there are these many personalities in a person lives and differs along when they grow.In this Running world, have we ever thought of Some people who cant live these lives?? 

Yes, Among one of those are Hearing-Impaired Peoples.. What kind of gem life they live. we are not the real hero of our own life but, they are the real hero of their own life.

I felt it one day when it was easy to learn a deaf language , why don’t we learn that and it was made possible only through internet. when i spoke to them in person using their language was the most precious time in my life…

I was really happy for being a Social-Animal… 



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