Alto & Pequeno

She smells like milk!! Fatty cutie Cow to me!! Her ballon face makes me crazy!! 

Is this post about her?? Nope, It is about us.

When girls are cute , boys admire them!! But when they are childish , they are lovely!!

Spending time with her is like seeing the sunset at the beach, loving to hear her speaking till it ends. Is she an innocent?? Or is she acting?? Believe me , it is hard to find that answers seeing those eyes!! 

I being the alto and she being the Pequeno is like easy to grab and beat her head , if she does anything wrong! This Pequeno is easy to get handled and it is not fragile. 

Her act’s ponders me to think about a past friend , whom I lost in a accident. Some nights , I think about that is she the xerox of the past one.

  • Confession to her : Hey fatty, I don’t want you to be my girl nor my Sister but me my support and be with me.

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