Infernos Mind!!

Where do we find the infernos? The answer is actually simple an easy – In people’s mind!!

No decision can be taken without hearing two sides in a problem but our single tracked people have a mind of decision-making without knowing what the problem was.

The worst part is , they are injecting the same mind into their child’s!! Omg!! Are we sheep’s? We have sense to take a decision..

What does brother and sister mean? The real meaning is siblings of same blood are called as brothers and sisters.

What does sire or sir  mean? The real meaning is calling an oldman denotes sir or sire.

What does madam mean? The real meaning is a cheif of prostitute’s is called as madam.

It is really hard to find out Indian-logic. A girl should call everyone has brother ( either younger or elder ) and she should marry a men older than her. They why do some single tracked people insist them to call so?. Why wouldn’t a men marry a women older than him? Those single tracked people would say men domination should at every stage.

I questioned a single track person once asking about the marriage of God Vishnu and God Shiva. The answer for the both god’s were they loved a women and they got married to them. I shooted out the next question at the instance then why don’t you allow your son or daughter to love? The answer was mind your own business. It’s upto our part. We have certain principles of living, one among those is we won’t allow our children’s to love because they are like infant’s. They have to obey our order’s till we exist.I started to roll out the next question asking so your children’s don’t have an a decision to make even selecting there partner.the instant reply was thank-you, U may leave now.


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