It became like a we weren’t made for each-other, Our ego’s started growing day by day for silly reasons 

I can’t find the love in her eyes and in her behaviour , I pleaded her what was happening between us. As another track in the junction of train’s came my badminton club match , Me and my partner came the runner as I did in the relationship. Damn!! I haven’t received a message or calls on these 6 days.

I could see that she was happy without me and for me she was like a bird whose boundary has became limitless from a cage. My mind was think how to break-up with any diversion. I knew very well it would be hard for me to pass on but my task wasn’t only to break-up with her , I need her to make her think worse about me and there came a day.

Most waited unplanned thing happened, A fight rose between us just in seconds  between the fight , I threw some money at her from my wallet saying the her acts to me those days was like a pervert.

A huge burden started to rule my heart and my mind. Yes,it has become official to everyone that I broke-up with her ditching her as a pervert. That is when I lost her hands . A girl who believed me has started to hate me , A girl who thought I was her only fantasy has started to throw away from her memories.

I knew , I was the only reason for this thing to happen. People could say that I am a coward and blah!! Blah!! , but for me my love has reaped due to my fault.

Seeing her daily insta & FB post runs my day daily & yet I lost her hands!!.

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