Those days!!

We use to occupy the last seat’s in our class and she being a chatter box to me & silent girl for every others, made me feel that I am something not ordinary for her. Seeing her innocent eyes turned my bad days into good ones. 

We were like antonyms in every things and my pshyics in my 8th grades walked into my memory “opposite poles attract each other ”. It was in the middle of a night after a movie in a bike ride changed my status to #in a relationship# from #single#. I didn’t even imagine that “Omg!! My hands can’t even handle my bike”. I started to laugh, my eyes are crying and my legs hitting upto neutral , I stopped my bike in middle of the haunted road and turned back. I just got a reply from her “ Hey, what ? drop me soon , I need to sleep”.

Would I get those days back are my question marks in my life…

Happy Scribblings!!

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