Her hands!!

I use to travel in sub-urban metro that was where I felt the real love between us.She use to accompany me on Friday and Saturday every week.Eating her 20 Bucks “Lays” packet even without sharing to anyone till the home station & rubbing her mouth in my shirt was her routine work.Taking her moped and moving to beach was always the part of outing on weekends.

Her shortness had 1 word nothing other than “super-cute”.To look into her eyes was like entering into a magic world.Her legs was like a  rabbit , always over active.

Her hands was always my part of body.She used to hold my hands everytime I could feel the heat created between her left hand and my right hand, and her right hand grabbing my right shoulder tightly in the crowd and everywhere made me think always I shouldn’t leave her for no reason.

Days passed , I could see the real me waiting for her till now but for my saddened suprise I don’t find her.

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