#Gone – Stagnant life

Everyday after my coffee , a silence occupies my room .A time to think about her, stretching my legs on table and resting my shoulders on couch and opening my FB and Instagram account and seeing her photo in her profile starts my day.

She was the reason for my sleepless nights. when I close my eyes at those nights , nothing other than my eyes being a camera and her memories roll-out.

It took me nearly 1 year to accept the fact that she left me and another year to be normal without her and another year to forget her , yet the last decision taken by me was take 2 years back and still I couldn’t do that in a prompt manner.

I could have loved someone but I didn’t , I could have flirted someone but I didn’t, why didn’t I do that?

Are those thing are my tatics to get her back into my life?? 

No, for me it is just a life of a rock under the sea.



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