Safeguarding my tradition!! – Part – 1


I come from a place, where tradition is more important.Our tradition stands first and then people!!

It was some years back on my 11th grade,We were spending our time together with my grandpa & I asked him why do we celebrate Pongal? He said it was nothing but a celebration of farmer’s of Tamilnadu!! My second question was about to start to my grandpa. He understood and said in simple words. Pongal is a traditional tamilian festival for farmer’s and their belongings.So,we celebrate it in a grandmanner!! 

Old people are nothing but an unused dictionary,We don’t use them to gain our knowledge.

It was after my grandpa’s death , I came to know the face of a farmer. Omg! It is easy to speak bad about them but to work like them, believe me it is the most toughest job in the world.

I had an interest about animals especially farmer friendly cattles..

We all know there is a ban on a Tamilnadu traditional game “Jallikatu”.For a blind sake, I supported the ban first because there were news spreaded that alcohol is used in bulls before the game was about to start.This misunderstanding was clarified by a village farmer near Tanjore, Tamilnadu. He just with his personal experience in jallikattu and cattles explained what is the real fact.I was really astonished and my support changed like a flipped coin from “Ban” to “Support”.

When a cheap untraditional corporate come to our lands, destroy our bulls using this ban & this is supported by some dirty organisation of four letter.

Let me clearly explain,you the idea of corporate in hint words

Ban jallikattu – Make people think what is the use of bulls- Destroy the bulls – How to mate the female traditional cows? – Send every cow’s to slaughter house – corporate join hands with government , import cows from foreign – breed those foreign cow’s using scientific technology – provide people with those infected milk – make people get harmonal diesesas – import medicine’s from foreign – Lump out money from these businesses – Destroy the people.

This was the explanation given by the farmer .

Note : I have just used the word Tamizhan’s not Indian’s ( That is what media blow’s an muted horn on us ).

If still more educated people don’t find my words true. U can type out in Google and find your answer’s.


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