Day 1!! 2K17

It was 7.35 am!! My right hand jumped towards my phone!! I had a magical power of turning-on my mobile data without opening my eyes!! And my eyes opened for my suprise 107 messages from 88 chats!! Omg! 88 people messaged me in a single night!! 😵!! And I came to knew it was all wishes for a new year!! Thinking about what is gonna happen this year!! My time passed away & an alarm started to grind my food bag and watching my clock it was around 10.30am!! Having four dosa with onion chutney!! As Air-lifted I came to my bed & I fall deep into my love ( sleep ).

Sudden plans in the evening made me go for shopping with my family!! I was in trail room!! My phone was getting too many messages!! After 2 minutes of selecting my out-fit . I came out, seeing one of my friend in saree made me admire her for a second.. She came like a lighting and wished me and my dad and went like an air. My mind was in a confusion what just happened.. 

I had a appointment with my closest friend  and another close friend too accompanied to have dinner in a dosa corner.. that really made my day!! I was speaking like a lunatic and those two morons started to laugh like anything.. with some dosa, we moved to kulfi!! Cheap and cold!! That made my day too special!! #goodvibesallovertheheart!! #2K17 #Firstpostoftheyear!!

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