Hope – An emotion which can be seen only on pure heart’s!!

Hope is something which cannot be explained wholly in word’s neither through speech.. it’s is like a cement and brick which makes a strong bond when both are together!!

It is always easy to see hope in our close one’s, the only question is do we value them and their hope??..

Those days , in the era of archery.. Professional archer’s put themselves into test by keeping an apple in their loved one’s head.It was my first inspiration of hope.The hope of the Archer that he won’t hurt his loved one and the hope of the Archer loved one that he won’t hurt me of any circumstance.. This is what was the real Hopeful Bonding between those two!! 

Hope is like a building of cards it is easy to be demolished but really tough to be built back..


Happy New Year 2017!!

​via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

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