Frozen Hands!!


I asked a small boy once “oye,What is the meaning of forzen ” . To a simple question he gave a cute reply he just stood stagnant for few seconds and shaked his body and said that was frozen!!

Do we follow our heart or mind??

No. we dont do sometimes and many haven’t done it in their life.. why don’t we do those things which is correct.

Does commitments stand as a barrier for all those things??


when we see an act in public either a good one or bad one, do we stand as a shelter for those??

 Not at all

Is this the mankind , which zeus created!! How do ppl frozen their hands , so that they could lead a happy life!!Are they really happy or are they pretending to be as such?? Why don’t we have the heart of a small child which is leading a happy life even after many struggles….

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