Chubby girls are sweet!!..

A Husky chubby sweet voice wish me every morning from behind and I rewish the same voice..

That husky chubby  starts the conversation with “Kyun ji??” and  With a smile and me getting two punches in my right hand!! She sits near me.. and we discuss about our office works. And I start my work!!

There comes my leisure time ( I consider going to office as my leisure time😛😜) after lunch. She starts her radio and I do listen her till she mutes her😑…

Eating Paani poori at some evening’s with her made me wonder & My thinking about a women changed.. Yes, They are too human beings with a mixture of love, Hunger,joy & every sort of emotions..

She was different from every other , but she can’t beat my Bestie!!

Being a sweet chubby girl with a sportive passion and gesture, every men starts to admire these type of girls because they are really rare!!..

At many moments , I started to admire chubby girl’s and came to a conclusion that these Chubbies are ruling the world for sure!!😁😂

Note : This post doesn’t have photo!! 🤑

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