The Pause..

In a husky Voice.. I called my dad to turn on his Wifi Hot-Spot & Without any Hesitation he just did that with smile.. Its been Months i logged into this account, after entering into this site. My Mind started to think  " What is my Login Password? ", Closing my eyes and i couched … Continue reading The Pause..


The Pain!!

He was totally disturbed throught his sleep, and so he jumped out of his bed and sat on his couch relaxing him on that and at the same while exploring his WhatsApp messages. Swiping on to the right in WhatsApp came the status messages of her daughter. Which made him shivered running to her room … Continue reading The Pain!!


“What's wrong in my Character” asked a little boy to me... I kissed his forehead and replied him “ Your Character is not bad but the person who made you think like that is bad ”. As Social beings move, they carry something which is intangible to the human Character - Venomous Mind and creepy … Continue reading People!!

Sign Language!!!

Why do you wanna live ?? ----> A simple question but the answer for this would be different from persons of different stages. For a Child -  The life is for eating chockies & Playing with friends. For a Developed one - The life is to enjoy each and every second of life. For a middle-aged one … Continue reading Sign Language!!!

Alto & Pequeno

She smells like milk!! Fatty cutie Cow to me!! Her ballon face makes me crazy!!  Is this post about her?? Nope, It is about us. When girls are cute , boys admire them!! But when they are childish , they are lovely!! Spending time with her is like seeing the sunset at the beach, loving … Continue reading Alto & Pequeno

Infernos Mind!!

Where do we find the infernos? The answer is actually simple an easy - In people's mind!! No decision can be taken without hearing two sides in a problem but our single tracked people have a mind of decision-making without knowing what the problem was. The worst part is , they are injecting the same … Continue reading Infernos Mind!!